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About Us

Behind the Scenes :

  • Mr. Bhagirath Bharadwaj (Co-Founder)
  • Mr.Subhodeep Dutta (Chief Mentor - Strategy)
  • Dr.Kusum Vig (President-Training & Developtment)
  • Mr.Rajesh Verma (Technology Head)
  • Mr. Mrinal Rakheja (Co-founder & Business Head)
  • Ms. Iza Jameel (Rich Image Trainer)
  • Ms. Ushoshi Sengupta (Vice-president)
  • Mr.RK Sharma (Regional Head)
  • Dr. Anita Sharma (Counsellor)
  • Ms. Shweta Sharma (Associate Counsellor)
Why Us
  • The Biologoical Aptitude Test Test of Life(BATTOL) process and technology is our patented process.
  • Our technology and process is collaborated with IBM intuitive technology.
  • We help students in choosing right stream/career.
  • We are turning schools/institutions into MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE based learning communities, which will bring focused learning into our education system.
  • Elaborate one to one discussion of brain report and counseling with parent & the ward.
  • We provide students with their learning styles to enhance their learning patterns.
  • We empower teachers to bring Multiple Intelligences into classrooms through our teacher training programs.
  • Career Seminars for students & Parents.
  • We directly connect students to institutes for entrance preparation & skill development.
  • Providing thought therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to kids to bring back concentration and engagement with studies.
  • Unlocking the power of whole brain thinking in organizations
  • We provide corporate trainings for team building, Stress management, Anger management, productivity enhancement and much more.
  • In our services we provide our customers with something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity & integrity.
What We Do

We are a career management organization which caters to the unique needs of individuals of all the age groups, by providing them necessary services related to their education & career.
We turn schools/colleges/institutions into Multiple Intelligence Based learning platforms by integrating BATTOL process.
We make Biological Aptitude Test Test of Life(BATTOL) Report through the scanning and analysis of the fingerprints. It is a brain report of an individual with 19 parameters which has a lifetime value.

BATTOL process & technology is our patented process and the use of same by any means in India and 138 countries globally and any violation will be subject to judicial proceedings.

Address : Building No. - 196a, Office No.-17, 2nd Floor, Tarachand Complex,
                                        Ramesh Market, East Of Kailash, New Delhi-110065.
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